Capcom has announced that a VR version of the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake has started development.

Thanks to a series of tweets by the official Resident Evil Twitter account, we know that a Resident Evil 4 VR mode is in the works with no release date as of yet. It’ll be released as a free DLC for PS5 players who own a PSVR 2.

It appears that Capcom is following a trend that it’s set for itself. Since the release of Resident Evil 7 in 2017, Capcom has supported VR with a handful of Resident Evil games. With PSVR 2 having launched today, February 22, a VR mode for Resident Evil Village is also now available as a free update. Alongside it, a demo of Village’s VR mode can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

This isn’t the first time Resident Evil 4 has had a VR port. Late last year, Capcom released another VR version of Resident Evil 4 for the Oculus Quest 2. In our Resident Evil 4 VR review, Kurt Indovina stated, “Resident Evil 4 VR presents the game in its best light since its original release … Playing through on the Oculus Quest 2 has given me the sense of experiencing it for the first time all over again.”

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