The LCS is back for the Spring with every team making changes. Some LCS teams will look completely different while others will be had made some small changes. Each of these teams will be duking it out to not only win an LCS Championship but also to get the chance to go to MSI. Here are the LCS Picks for Week 5 of the 2023 Spring Split.

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Overall Pick Record for 2023: 32-13

Pick Record from LCS 2023 Spring Week 4: 11-4

LCS Picks Week 4 Spring 2023 Day 1

FLY vs. 100T

Man, things do not get any easier for 100T as they are currently on a four-game losing streak. FlyQuest are certainly beatable and completely counting 100 Thieves out would be a major mistake. That being said, it is more likely that 100 Thieves extend their losing streak to five games and drop to 4-6.

IMT vs. TL

This game may look close in the standing but unless Team Liquid have their worst throw of the year (which there have been a few) or they get draft gapped, they should come out on top. Sorry Immortals but the best the team can hope for now is random carry games or major throws.

C9 vs. GG

This game should be a fun one. The change from Diplex to EMENES will be a pretty interesting one. Cloud9 are good enough to stabilize but against a blazing hot team like Golden Guardians that seem to have their stuff figured out, it is hard to pick C9.


Both teams are about the same in power level. This is one of the true coinflips in the LCS this week. If TSM win then they hold the tiebreaker over CLG. The difference may just be styles. If TSM can just stay close in the first 10 minutes of the game then they come out on top. Considering they have done this consistently, the coin flips TSM.

DIG vs. EG

Dignitas are bad and playing against Evil Geniuses will not change that.

This game will be another close one, much closer than many will think. That being said, Cloud9 are better at every role other than mid. That should be more than enough. If not, then Berserker will hard-carry C9 to victory.

Immortals are not good, CLG get a nice win here as revenge (pun intended) for what IMT did in Week 2.

Golden Guardians will come into this game riding a six-game winning streak. Evil Geniuses will come in with a five-game winning streak. One will end. This time, the Geniuses will be triumphant based on Ssumday being able to sweep over Licorice.

Another fun and close game, seems to happen more on day two than one. Weird. Anyways, 100 Thieves will battle through their issues and sweep the Spring series against a Team Liquid team that is struggling to find their identity.

Best team against worst team. Best team wins 99 times out of 100.

LCS Picks Week 5 Spring 2023Robert