Max Verstappen has said that his dream driver lineup features Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris. In a video segment with Mobil 1 The Grid, the Red Bull driver was questioned about who he would pick as his dream driver lineup from the current F1 grid. Since he could not pick himself, Max Verstappen picked Fernando Alonso as the experienced race driver and Lando Norris as the young driver in the team.

When asked who he would have as team principal, Max Verstappen picked Christian Horner as the man for the job. He said:

“I would go for an experienced one and that would be Alonso. Then I would put a young guy like Lando Norris. Yes, it would be Fernando and Lando. As team principal I would take Christian Horner.”

Verstappen has maintained a good relationship with Lando Norris. The two drivers were involved in an incident in Japan last year in qualifying but were able to move past that. Norris too has often said that Verstappen was a more deserving champion than Lewis Hamilton in 2021 and the two are often seen sharing the same jet to travel between races.

Fernando Alonso has been a driver that Verstappen has admired a lot. When the Red Bull driver made his debut in F1 he admitted to trying to emulate what Alonso did with his driving. The admiration and of course the high level at which these two drivers operate make them an obvious pick.

Max Verstappen not aiming to break any records

Looking ahead to the 2023 F1 season, Max Verstappen revealed that he isn’t thinking about breaking records. Rather, the aim is to have a quick and competitive car. He said:

“I mean, we work hard as a team to try and make sure we have the chance to work hard for it again. Only time will tell, I am not even thinking about these things at the moment. It is more important that we focus on having a competitive car and if we have a competitive car, these things can happen. It is more important that we make sure the car is running well, has no issues, and is quick at the end of the day.”

Verstappen is aiming to become a three-time world champion this year after winning the title in 2021 and 2022. There could possibly be a challenge from both Mercedes and Ferrari this year, but it’s hard to predict what the pecking order will be.