Sports journalist Charlotte Clymer declared that Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all time in a recent discussion on Twitter.

Various sporting pundits chimed in on a recent Twitter conversation to discuss the greatest athletes in sports, rekindling the ever popular GOAT debate.

It started with a tweet by Caddie Network asking the internet if Tiger Woods is the most dominant athlete of their respective sport in history.

“True or False: Tiger Woods is the most dominant athlete of their respective sport in history.” Caddie Network tweeted.

While golf author Rick Reilly suggested Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was the best, sporting guru Keith Olbermann suggested baseball legend Babe Ruth.

“False. Gretzky.” Reilly tweeted.

“If Gretzky had been the best scorer AND one of the top goalies, he’d be the correct answer to this question: Babe Ruth” Olbermann tweeted.

None of the answers sat well with writer Clymer, who suggested tennis legend Serena Williams’ name considering that golfers have caddies and baseball players have other teammates. She also pointed out Williams’ 23-Grand slam feat with her 2017 Australian Open win coming whilst pregnant.

“You’re all wrong. It’s Serena Williams. Gretzky and Ruth had teammates. Tiger has a caddie. But Serena? All alone on the court. Just her. And there are no multi-day comebacks in tennis like there are in golf. Lose a match? Goodbye. She won 23 grand slams, one while pregnant.” Clymer tweeted.

Award-winning reporter and editor Bill Shea also joined the conversation and agreed with Clymer and picked Williams as the best.

“I think most GOAT-type debates are empty parlor games, and ultimately meaningless because cross-sport comparisons are genuinely impossible, but Serena Williams to me is the singular best I’ve ever seen. Alone on the court and owning the sport.” Shea tweeted.

Serena Williams attends the British Vogue and Tiffant & Co.’s BAFTAs afterparty

Serena Williams is enjoying her retirement in style. From spending time with family to attending acclaimed events, Williams is making the most of her time away from tennis.

The former World No. 1 was recently seen at the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co.’s Celebrate Fashion and Film Party after the conclusion of the coveted 2023 BAFTA Awards on Tuesday, February 20.

Williams was present at the event along with some of the biggest names in movies, fashion and sport, including British tennis star Emma Raducanu.

Williams took to Instagram to highlight her look for the night. She wore a red outfit by her brand ‘S by Serena’ which she launched in 2018.

“British Vogue x Tiffany BAFTA in @serena” she captioned the post.

The 41-year-old was also seen at the Moncler Genius Fashion Show alongside retired Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova on Tuesday, February 21.