New Delhi: Subi Suresh, a fave of miniscreen watchers, died of severe liver disease on Wednesday morning. She had previously acknowledged that her bad lifestyle was to blame for her illness. In 2022, the actress announced on her YouTube channel that her body had deteriorated because she did not eat her meals on time. She also stated that she had been hospitalized for several days.

Subi also recommended her viewers in the video eat their meals on time. She revealed the details of her 10-day hospitalization following her mother’s birthday celebrations.

“I didn’t post any videos for a while because I was attending a workshop. My habits must also be correct. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but because I wasn’t in the habit of taking my food and medications on time, I developed a number of health issues. I became ill on the eve of a shoot. I was suffering from body aches, chest pain, gastrointestinal issues, and uncontrollable nausea to the point that my body can not really digest even soft coconut water,” she said.

“If I go two days without eating, I am completely fatigued. As the gastric problems started, I felt agony in my back and chest. I became tense. After experiencing shoulder pain, I decided to get an ECG. My potassium count was lower, despite the fact that it revealed no problems. This was also confirmed by the doctor who treated me in Rajagiri. Even after that, I neglected to take my medications on schedule. I kept on shooting and traveling,” she mentioned further.

“Then there’s the thyroid problem. I didn’t have the correct medication for it. Doctors estimate that once someone begins taking thyroid medication, the drug cannot be stopped in 90% of cases. In the interim, I stopped taking thyroid medication on the doctor’s advice. But then the disease struck again. Those of you who have been prescribed medication should make sure to take them on time, otherwise, you may face bodily troubles similar to mine,” Subi had said.