Lando Norris recently criticized the Netflix original series Drive to Survive for faking a certain on-track action by inserting a radio message from elsewhere. Though the show has been quite popular around the globe, it has faced significant criticism from fans, drivers, and teams for creating fake rivalries and scenarios that didn’t happen in reality.

In an upcoming video with Quadrant, Norris’ gaming, racing, content, and apparel company, the Briton will react to some of his best moments in the Drive to Survive series with other members of Quadrant.

Quadrant tweeted a clip from the upcoming video where Norris criticized the series for faking a racing incident. They watched part of the 2021 F1 Bahrain GP in which the McLaren driver’s T-camera footage was shown as he went into Turn 1 on the first lap. He was seventh while his teammate at the time, Daniel Ricciardo, was sixth. While taking a turn, Norris’ radio message was played, in which he said:

“He forced me off!”

Almost immediately, Lando Norris reacted to the clip and ranted about how the showmakers made it look like there was a rivalry between him and Ricciardo. He revealed that the radio message was not even from that race or from that particular moment in the race. In Quadrant‘s reaction video, he said:

“They made it out like we are biggest enemies here. ‘He forced me off’, that was not even from this race! Look, he is not even near me!”

By looking at the footage, it was clear that Ricciardo was not blocking Norris in any way. Hence, the Briton was quite frustrated by this particular clip.

This also proves that the show is mainly intended to promote the thrill of the sport rather than accurately document race incidents and events. Though most of the things shown in the series will be true, some might not be. Hence, the show has been under scrutiny by some ever since it came out.

F1 fans react to Lando Norris exposing Drive to Survive for faking a racing incident

After seeing the clip of Lando Norris calling out Drive to Survive for creating a fake racing incident, loads of F1 fans commented on it and joined forces with the British driver in condemning the show. They also spoke about how Max Verstappen declared how the show made Norris look like a villain.

“Exposing DTS for using radio messages at different races again. They need to stop lmao”

“That series, when they made up the beef between Carlos and Lando was the last season I watched. Ridiculous.”

“Uh uhh this gonna be interesting”

“Even Max said that he said ‘they made Lando look like a bad guy'”

“This is why I don’t watch drive to survive anymore, @Max33Verstappen was right!”

Apart from attacking the show, others expressed their excitement for the new Quadrant video and all the other reactions they will get from Norris.

“Wednesday! This week’s turning out nicely.”

“This trio is elite!! Im looking forward to the video!!! But also the merch is just ughh *french kisses*”

“I can’t wait for this!”

In conclusion, not all drivers are happy with Netflix’s Drive to Survive as it occasionally creates fake scenarios and stories that did not happen in reality.