Lewis Hamilton and George Russell drove the new Mercedes W14 F1 car for the first time in Silverstone during the shakedown and filming day. This was right after the team announced and revealed the car at their launch event. There were loads of pictures and videos that surfaced on Twitter in which both drivers drove the car on a wet Silverstone track.

In one of these clips, Lewis Hamilton can be seen taking a video or a picture of George Russell when he was in the W14, ready to hit the track. Hamilton was crouching right beside the car in the garage and was seen zooming in on Russell. The clip melted the hearts of loads of F1 fans as they adored the gesture from Hamilton.

“There’s something so special about lewis filming george while he’s in the new car for the first time”

So far, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have shared a brilliant relationship. Russell has praised Hamilton for being a mentor figure and imparting a wealth of knowledge and experience to him as he adjusts to his new team. The seven-time world champion has also appreciated his young compatriot and has congratulated him on his maiden victory in the 2022 F1 season.

Hence, this moment of Hamilton filming Russell was extremely wholesome to watch.

F1 Twitterati reacts to Lewis Hamilton filming George Russell in Mercedes W14 for the first time

F1 Twitter melted after watching Lewis Hamilton filming George Russell sitting in the Mercedes W14 for the first time. People reposted the clip and reacted positively to it.

Some spoke about how Hamilton was giving off the vibes of a big brother, while others alluded to the popular meme, ‘you are doing amazing, sweetie’, in which a mother takes a picture or video of her child performing something.

“I didn’t even realise Lewis was taking a picture of George”

“Proud dad vibes”

“From last year”

“Lewis taking pics of George in the W14? Now I’m crying again great. I love these two cuties”

“It’s giving”

“Literally big bro”

“I love how Lewis is filming George”

“Lewis to George (or to the w14): you’re doing amazing, sweetie”

“That is actually very cute”

Both drivers will try everything they can to bring Mercedes back into the title fight with Red Bull and Ferrari. Though both British drivers have a good bond for now, only time will tell how their relationship will pan out once they get a strong car in which both vie for the championship.