Venus and Serena Williams will don the mantle of executive producers once more, joining hands with Westbrook Studios again for their next movie venture. Westbrook Studios, founded by Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett, is the same production house behind ‘King Richard” — the biopic about the Williams sisters’ father Richard that opened to critical acclaim in 2021 and also featured the duo as executive producers.

The new movie will focus on the 1971 Women’s World Cup, an association football tournament organized by the Federation of Independent European Female Football (FIEFF) in Mexico. The tournament took place 20 years before the inaugural edition of the official FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The feature documentary has been tentatively named ‘COPA 71’ and aims to honor the event that has been largely written out of history until now. While the project is exclusively produced and backed by Westbrook Studios, it will be co-produced by distribution company Dogwoof and New Black Films, a feature documentary film production company.

Speaking about the new venture, executive producer Venus Williams remarked that she was “excited” to team up with her sister Serena and Westbrook studios to help retell such an incredible story and help women athletes find their rightful place in history.

“When I heard about the 1971 Women’s World Cup, I couldn’t believe this incredible story was erased from our history books. I’m excited to team with my sisters and Westbrook Studios to help elevate and empower fellow female athletes and their accomplishments, and to make sure these women have their voices heard through this inspiring documentary,” Venus Williams said in a statement.

“One of the most inspirational and significant moments in women’s sports history” – Serena Williams on the 1971 Women’s World Cup

Serena Williams also spoke about the venture, calling the 1971 Women’s World Cup one of the “most inspirational and significant” moments in women’s sports history and one that she was honored to help bring to light.

“’Copa 71’ tells the story of one of the most inspirational and significant moments in women’s sports history,” Serena Williams said. “It’s an honor to partner with my sisters and Westbrook Studios to help bring this magical story to light, which has been buried for far too long.”

The tournament witnessed six national teams in action, split across two groups of three. Mexico, Argentina, Denmark and Italy reached the knockouts, following which Denmark lifted the trophy with a win over the hosts in the final.