Bleak Faith: Forsaken, a new Souls-like from a three person dev team with inspirations from Dragon Age, is out next month.

Archangel Studios announced today that its debut game Bleak Faith: Forsaken is releasing March 10, exactly three weeks away. A new entry into the world of Souls-likes, Bleak Faith will have a combat system inspired by the Souls series we’ve all come to expect from the genre, but notably its class and perk systems are inspired by the Dragon Age series.

In the game, you explore an “unrelenting, interconnected world inhabited by fierce creatures and astonishing bosses,” called the Omnistructure. Looking at its release date trailer, Bleak Faith is mostly opting for a Dark-Souls-like fantasy setting, though it seems to have just a twinge of sci-fi elements, as some areas seem to be completely ravaged city-scapes.

There are apparently hundreds of unique weapons and pieces of equipment to “discover and combine as you see fit,” and positioning, timing, and resource management will be an important element when it comes to combat. It also sounds like there are some Shadow-of-the-Colossus-like elements in there, as large bosses and enemies are apparently climbable.

Bleak Faith was revealed in 2019, starting life as a Kickstarter project, initially expecting to release in 2020, but COVID forced the team to adjust. The game is currently only planned for release on PC, though the Kickstarter campaign did note that a PS4 and Xbox One release is a priority once the team has the resources to do so.