Netflix recently released F1’s Drive to Survive season 5 official trailer. Though most of the trailer was well made, one of the episode’s names and comments about Mick Schumacher angered a lot of fans.

It is no secret that Michael Schumacher’s son struggled quite a lot during his rookie years in the sport. He was already in a slow car with Haas and crashed on several occasions, increasing the team’s bills.

In Season 5 of the show, there is an entire episode that explores Mick’s situation in the 2022 F1 season and how Haas team principal Guenther Steiner and Haas CEO Gene Haas were not at all happy with the German’s performance. Some of the comments about Schumacher made it into the official trailer.

In one snippet, Gene Haas was on the phone with Guenther Steiner after the 2022 F1 Monaco GP, where he called Mick Schumacher a ‘dead man walking’. Another clip shows how Steiner was furious with the youngster during the 2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP where he was driving extremely slowly as he was worried about overheating the brakes.

The first comment made by Gene Haas, where he called Mick a ‘dead man walking’ was the most impactful. Though he didn’t mean to disrespect the youngster or his family at all, several fans took it quite seriously and protested against the series and Haas.

F1 Twitterati furious after hearing insults on Mick Schumacher in Netflix’s Drive to Survive season 5 trailer

Loads of F1 fans flocked to Twitter to express their anger towards Netflix and the Drive to Survive trailer for showcasing such comments about Mick Schumacher.

Some even protested how the connection between the episode name ‘Like Father, Like Son‘ and the comment ‘dead man walking’ was vile and disrespectful to the Schumacher family as Michael Schumacher was still fighting for his life after a horrific skiing accident back in 2013.

“The fact that Netflix titled the episode about Mick “Like Father, like son?” and refer to Mick as a “dead man walking” is truly disgusting and vile?? How didn’t anyone in that meeting think that that’s maybe not the best idea.”

“That’s horrible to both Mick and Michael”

“They’re just trying to cause a drama just for pr and it’s discusting.”

“They did what? like yes like father like son for RACING and being a legend but honestly it doesnt feel it and like you mentioned now, what they referred to mick as?”

“Wow that is so tone deaf and disrespectful”

“Excuse you?? they did not do this”

“I’ll literally go to war for mick schumacher idc”

While people understand that Mick Schumacher was unable to perform during the 2022 F1 season, they were extremely angry with Netflix and the series for not seeing the connection between the episode name and the comments made by Gene Haas on the youngster. Although it wasn’t intentional by the OTT platform or Gene Haas, it did not look good on Netflix.