Mercedes boss Toto Wolff recently spoke about Lewis Hamilton and how he could win a record-breaking eighth world title if the team gives him a strong car. In the 2021 F1 season, the Briton had an intense battle with Max Verstappen but was unable to clinch the drivers’ world title. Ever since then, both Mercedes and Hamilton have been hungry to get back on top and secure both championships.

Toto Wolff is confident that Hamilton can easily win his eighth title if Mercedes’ W14 is strong enough. He also mentioned that Hamilton is not looking for closure or to end his career just yet. During the W14 shakedown at Silverstone, Toto Wolff told Sky Sports:

“I don’t think this is about closure for him or not. I think an eighth title would be wonderful because he deserves to have that. Obviously there is only him and Michael [Schumacher] who have seven. But I think it’s more about doing what he loves and what he does best, and if we can provide him with a good car, there’s nothing in between him and an eighth title.”

Later on, the Mercedes team principal spoke about contract discussions with Lewis Hamilton and how certain details of the contract are being changed. Though several fans were concerned about Hamilton’s contract extension, Wolff affirmed that the contract would be extended without any hiccups. He said:

“Our talks have always been going okay. I think we have done it three times now, and we are just changing sentences, words, and numbers here and there. So, all is going to be good.”

The Silver Arrows are sticking with the zero-pod design for the W14 and are only changing other details of the bodywork. Only time will tell whether Mercedes’ 2023 challenger is capable enough to give the Briton his eighth title.

F1 fans react to Toto Wolff being positive about Lewis Hamilton’s eighth title run

After listening to Toto Wolff talk about Lewis Hamilton’s chances of winning the eighth world title, several F1 fans flocked to Twitter to discuss how the 2023 F1 season could pan out for the Briton. Some of them were still scarred from the 2021 F1 season, where Michael Masi made some confusing and glaring decisions as a race director that changed the course of the Abu Dhabi GP, and the championship as a whole.

“What if they robbed him again? History are full of repeat transgressions. Will there be a mechanism or a process in place to challenge FIA? Don’t say it won’t happen again.”

“I wouldn’t underestimate Russell though…”

“Apart from the FIA”


“The same goes for Alonso, Max, Lando, Russell and Charles as well! Give these 5 good cars and they will get the job done. Or did we forget that Ham in an equal car couldn’t even defeat Russell??”

Others spoke about how Lewis Hamilton’s teammate George Russell and other top drivers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc can also give a strong fight to the veteran if they have a strong car underneath them.