We’ve got some Wild Hearts tips and tricks right here for you to make sure you can come away from more kemono fights a little less in pieces. There is a big wide world to explore in this game and a truly staggering array of attacks and monsters to pit yourself against, and while learning everything on your own is always a choice, and a commendable one, a couple of Wild Hearts tips and tricks will help make the process a little less painful.

These tips are aimed at everyone, whether you’re a monster-hunting expert, or you’re not even sure which end of the sword to point at things. Wild Hearts will feel a little familiar to some people, but there are definitely enough things in here that are different to be worthy of more attention.

Wild Hearts Tips and Tricks

Some of these Wild Hearts tips and tricks might seem like common sense, but please trust us when we say they’re all worth keeping in mind. A single slip-up or lapsed moment of focus can and will get you killed, and you only need to do that a few times in a single hunt to have to start it all again.

You’re always in range

Games like this like to mess around with ranges and distance, but one thing that Wild Hearts does a little more than similar games is give its monsters an array of ranged attacks to play with. If you go for a ranged weapon–and the bow is great so nobody will blame you–you might think you’re safe from the kemono you’ll be fighting, but you’d be wrong. Most monsters can travel a huge distance in an instant, and even if they don’t charge you, they all have ranged attacks too. Complacency will get you killed, so just assume you’re always in range.

Objects in field are closer than they appear.

Stay at full health

In that same vein of that tip, always keep your health topped up. Wild Hearts monsters hit fast and hard, and while they’re less likely to combo you into nothingness to begin with, each hit is likely to drain a massive chunk of your health. The best way to stay alive is to always keep your health topped up. This is easier to do than in Monster Hunter because item management is a lot simpler. That being said…

Pick up everything

All that glitters is not gold, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Nearly everything you can pick up will be useful at some point, so make sure you grab it. This is especially true of the healing water you’ll find on little plants in nearly every part of every map. Picking these up as regularly as you can will allow you to stay healthy, and we all like not dying.

Experiment with weapons

Every weapon in Wild Hearts is incredibly cool, and no matter what you’d normally use in other games, it’s worth trying them all out semi-regularly to see if one grows on you. This is especially easy in Wild Hearts because you can roll back upgrades for fairly cheap, which means upgrading a new weapon type to try out isn’t a waste of materials or effort. Plus, variety is the spice of life.

Like Michael Bolton’s favorite Michael Bolton songs, I guess I sorta like ’em all.

Check that map

Your map is a huge asset in Wild Hearts. Not only is it useful for seeing where monsters are roaming, and where any of your constructions are, but you can also see any Dragon Pits you’ve accessed, or are yet to access. You can even upgrade them from your map. Plus, you can always see where missions are, actually launch missions from your map, and just generally keep an eye on everything–so, check it often.

Learn to use your karakuri

Karakuri are one of the most surprising aspects of Wild Hearts–at least if you’ve not been keeping up with the trailers. Basically, you can summon boxes, springs, healing items, walls, torches, and ziplines to help you out with both traversal and combat. Some of these are simple to summon, and others are a combination of multiple items. They can feel a little clunky initially, but it’s worth your time to get used to them and learn some of the combinations as you unlock them too.

Play with the settings

This is good advice for any game, but it’s worth noting here, especially because there are just so many options. Aside from basic things like graphics and sound quality, you can actually adjust a lot of the accessibility options and even allow for things like not having to hold the button to interact with some things. It’s just worth checking out, because games should be fun, and holding buttons to interact with things is really annoying.