The PSVR 2 is almost here, and along with it comes some next-gen VR games like Horizon Call of the Mountain, which already has plenty of reviews to check out.

Horizon’s first foray into the world of virtual reality does seem to have mostly favorable reviews, currently sitting at a pretty strong 79 on Metacritic. Reviews do vary though, with some thinking that the game is a great example of what the PSVR 2 is capable of, though others don’t think it pushes the boat out enough.

In GameSpot’s Horizon Call of the Mountain review, we said, “Call of the Mountain is one of the best-looking VR games I’ve ever seen, and being in its world is a genuine thrill–whether I was up close looking at the details on tools I was crafting to aid me on my journey, or marveling at a distant vista of verdant trees, rushing waterfalls, and collapsed architecture reclaimed by nature.”

To get a better idea of the overall critical consensus, you can check out the range of reviews on offer below to see if Call of the Mountain is worth your time.


“The ongoing refrain of “familiar done well” is the defining quality of Call of the Mountain. There’s nothing revolutionary in the game that moves VR gaming forward and it doesn’t do anything unexpected, so it ends up being exactly what it looks like: a well-made Horizon game in VR that has good climbing and shooting, as well as pretty environments to look at. As a showcase of what can be done with the PSVR 2, it more than handily serves its purpose.” — Tamoor Hussein [Full review]


“Call of the Mountain succeeds where so many other ambitious VR projects stumble for one reason — it keeps it simple. Core mechanics like traversal and combat have a generous margin of error, and can be customized extensively depending on your appetite (or lack thereof) for a challenge. This keeps the focus on immersion and exploration, rather than fiddling with finicky button inputs and timing.” — Jen Glennon [Full review]


“It’s undoubtedly the most spectacular VR game I’ve ever played, it’s got plenty of cool gameplay moments that show off the controllers, and it’s a full-on game to play through, but it’s also a bit tedious at times, and boring at others.” Tom Orry [Full review]


“Horizon Call of the Mountain is a touch of magic, bringing the Horizon world to life in first person on PSVR 2. It’s stunning, captivating, and never loses sight of what made Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West so special.” — Sam Loveridge [Full review]


“Call of the Mountain has wonderful elements to it, and it lands the most important part – the physical experience of climbing – perfectly. Trailers and even my own video capture don’t quite convey the speed and agility you feel while scrambling. Unfortunately, other parts of the game are too thin, with the inability to wander back the way you came and the constant stop-start nature of its thin narrative working against its own appeal. With some fresh ideas, huge scope, and clever adaptation of an existing property without relying on a simple remake, Horizon Call of the Mountain is an important game for VR. However, I’m not sure it’s a great one.” — Stacey Henley [Full review]


“Horizon: Call of the Mountain is exactly how PlayStation should adapt its premiere properties to VR. It takes the essence of the original game in the bow combat and incredible creature design and focuses on an element of the main series that’s largely ancillary in rock climbing, making it compelling and extremely enjoyable.” — Jordan Middler [Full review]


“Horizon Call of the Mountain’s exciting highs elevate it just enough above its often monotonous climbing mechanics to create a fun first blockbuster-scale entry into the PS VR2 library. Through intuitive design, awesome spectacle, and gripping combat, Horizon’s first step into virtual reality is one packed with exciting encounters that its slower stretches may sometimes detract from, but never threaten to derail completely. It’s an enjoyable, if not essential, chapter of the Horizon story.” — Simon Cardy [Full review]