Omega Force’s Monster-Hunter-inspired Wild Hearts is just around the corner, and the reviews are looking good.

Only announced in September last year, Wild Hearts comes from the studio best known for the Dynasty Warriors series, with EA on publishing duties. The game is obviously quite similar to Monster Hunter in its core concept, with reviews painting a strong picture of the latest entry into the growing genre. Some reviews have questioned whether Monster Hunter fans can make the switch, or if it’s something that will work for new fans, but it still offers a strong and unique take.

GameSpot’s Wild Hearts review also found the game to be a great experience, giving it an 8/10, writing, “Whatever weapon you choose, Wild Hearts’ action is thrilling if familiar. There’s a palpable sense of weight behind each weapon swing, and you need to consider when to attack so you’re not locked into an animation when you’re forced to roll out of danger.”

Over on GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, the game has received a score of 80, a very strong average for a brand new IP. For a more in depth look at the broader critical consensus, check out some of the reviews on offer below.


“The core gameplay loop of Wild Hearts doesn’t deviate too far from the formula established by Monster Hunter, yet the surprising decision to center it all around a fast-paced building mechanic is a stroke of ingenuity. The Karakuri system elevates each individual part of Wild Hearts. Combat, traversal, and co-op are all improved by its presence and the way Karakuri is weaved into each component. There are some notable shortcomings that hold it back, especially when it comes to technical performance, but Wild Hearts is a welcome entry in a genre that’s otherwise dominated by a single series.” — Richard Wakeling [Full review]


“Wild Hearts is a worthy competitor to Monster Hunter, boasting brilliantly creative weapons and fearsome beasts to match, scuppered only by an infuriating camera. Omega Force deftly avoids delving into colonist themes, and Wild Hearts is all the better for it.” — Hirun Cryer [Full review]


“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force is using Wild Hearts to flirt hard with Capcom right now. But using a beloved game as the template for a new one isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and Wild Hearts manages to introduce plenty of fun new ideas to the Monster Hunter formula while recapturing it well enough to stand proudly alongside the series that so clearly inspired it.” — Tom Marks [Full review]


“While the community will ultimately decide whether or not Wild Hearts lives on as long as any given Monster Hunter iteration, I hope it does; and that the team delivers on whatever confirmed free content is on the way. It’s not every day a high budget hunter arrives on the scene, and there’s more than enough room for several of them.” — Chris Carter [Full review]

Push Square–8/10

“Wild Hearts is, at times, an utterly thrilling game. It’s a game that will leave you kicking yourself for a poorly timed dodge or a missed opportunity, and jumping out of your chair when you finally topple a troublesome foe with a last-ditch, go-for-broke attack. There’s a handful of technical issues, a mite too much repetition, and some quibbles about the difficulty, but the core monster hunting experience is spectacular enough that the joys far outweigh the frustrations.” — John Cal McCormick [Full review]

The Guardian–3/5

“EA and Omega Force’s unlikely venture succeeds by being the perfect entry point to the hunter genre. This is the accessible radio single to Monster Hunter’s prog album odyssey: it’s silly, flawed and probably not destined to be an all-timer, but if you’re in the right mood, my god is it fun. Whether it’ll continue to dig its talons into me remains to be seen, but after years of frustration, I finally feel ready to dive further into this once-impenetrable genre.” — Tom Regan [Full review]