The heist-themed Payday video game series is expanding to become a film or a TV show. Starbreeze has announced a partnership with production company Stockholm Syndrome to create a live-action adaptation of the series.

Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren said the aim for the new project is to “bring our franchise to new heights and an even broader audience.” The executive went on to say that Stockholm Syndrome is a “great partner and meshes perfectly with our mission to build an even broader and more engaged community.”

Stockholm Syndrome’s Peter Settman said the Payday series has been on the company’s radar for years. “It has a cinematic quality and narrative that lends itself to a fantastic live-action adaptation,” Settman said.

CEO Greg Lipstone added, “The appetite for strong gaming IPs with a highly engaged fan base, is bigger than ever before. Just look at the success of The Last of Us, Halo, and The Witcher all based on well-known games.”

A Payday live-action web series debuted in 2013 to help promote Payday 2, but it would appear the new production with Stockholm Syndrome will be larger in scope.

The Payday series will continue with Payday 3, which is set in New York and is scheduled to launch in 2023.