In the movie Cocaine Bear, a bear finds some cocaine, eats it, and goes on a killing rampage. The movie’s plot has people wondering what it would be like if other animals got into some coke.

Reporter Jake Hamilton asked Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks and the cast of the film to name some of the animals from pop culture they’d like to see snort some nose candy, and their responses were great.

Banks said Lyle from Lyle, Lyle Crocodile could be a good candidate. Also, Paddington Bear. “I feel like if Paddington bear got stuck on the train platform without his family… you know, we could have a lot more fun with that idea,” she said.

Alden Ehrenreich, meanwhile, said he’d like to see the tap-dancing frog from early Warner Bros. commercials, Michael J. Frog, get into some gak and have a good time. Keri Russell said she’d like to see Ewoks from Star Wars snort some blow. “Just dancing and going crazy,” Russell said. O’Shea Jackson Jr. suggested E.T. or the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. All fantastic suggestions if you ask me.

In other news about animals and illegal drugs, authorities in New Zealand recently found 3.5 tons of cocaine floating in the ocean, and it spawned memes about “Cocaine Shark.” For what it’s worth, Banks said she’d be up to make that movie–“Jaws with cocaine”–if they come up with a good enough story.

Cocaine Bear is based on the true story of a 175-pound black bear that was found dead near the Tennessee-Georgia state line after apparently consuming over 70 pounds of cocaine that had been dropped from a plane by a local drug smuggler. In the movie, the bear is much bigger and is hunting not only for more cocaine, but also human flesh.

Banks promises that Cocaine Bear will feature some gnarly, brutal killing scenes, especially early on to set the tone. “Every time we talked about the bear, it was like, ‘It’s got to be The Revenant,'” Banks told People, referencing the Leonardo DiCaprio movie in which he gets mauled by a bear. “The first couple kills have to be that gnarly so that you understand that everyone should be afraid of the bear. That was a big part of it for me.”

Cocaine Bear, which is rated R, will have extreme gore because it will depict bears doing what they do in nature–eating their prey alive.

Cocaine Bear releases on February 24 and, in addition to Russel, Ehrenreich, and Jackson Jr., stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matthew Rhys, and Margo Martindale, as well as Ray Liotta in one of his final movie roles.