When you begin a new friendship with your pals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll soon find that you can assign them specific roles that allow them to aid you with your daily tasks, such as fishing, mining, and more. However, many fans have been clamoring for a way to change these assigned roles in the event that they decide they’d like to have their villagers try some new work. Well, now you finally can by using training manuals. We’ll give you the full scoop below.

How to change villager roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Training manuals can be crafted at any crafting station–provided you have the right materials to make one. Once you’ve made the appropriate manual for a respective role, simply gift the manual to the villager whose role you’d like to change. There is a small catch, though–the villager must be friendship level 10 to accept the role change. Here’s everything you’ll need to craft all of the training manuals.

Digging Training Manual

  • 5,000 Dreamlight
  • 20 Pebbles
  • 20 Sand
  • 30 Soil

Gardening Training Manual

  • 5,000 Dreamlight
  • 40 Corn
  • 60 Tomato
  • 20 Carrot

Foraging Training Manual

  • 5,000 Dreamlight
  • 30 Banana
  • 20 Blueberry
  • 10 Basil

Mining Training Manual

  • 5,000 Dreamlight
  • 2 Topaz
  • 2 Aquamarine
  • 2 Peridot

Fishing Training Manual

  • 5,000 Dreamlight
  • 2 Swordfish
  • 5 Bream
  • 10 Herring

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