With so many characters to meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley, developer Gameloft is having to find interesting new ways to introduce some of them. Similar to unlocking Stitch, making friends with Encanto’s Mirabel requires you to find a specific item hidden away in a quiet location to begin a quest. We’ll tell you how to unlock Mirabel below.

How to unlock Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley

The first step to welcoming Mirabel to your valley is to find a golden doorknob in the Peaceful Meadow. This doorknob spawns in a random location in the biome, so simply run around looking for a shiny object on the ground, then snag it to begin the quest “The Golden Doorknob.”

The golden doorknob can be found in a random spot in the Peaceful Meadow.

Take the golden doorknob to Merlin, who will tell you that Mirabel’s Mini-Casita has disappeared and that the only way to bring it back is to complete some friendly tasks around the valley. Luckily for you, these can be knocked out in mere minutes. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Take photos with three villagers
  • Give two villagers their favorite gifts
  • Have daily discussions with two villagers

Just explore your valley completing these tasks, then return to Merlin a final time. He’ll ask you for 500 Dreamlight to complete the quest, at which point he will finally tell you to go pick a spot to place the Mini-Casita. It’s a pretty large structure, so find an open area for it, place it down, and prepare to welcome Mirabel to your valley!

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