If you’re the type who enjoys customizing every aspect of your belongings in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’re likely to want to have some agency over your home’s vibe. You can customize the wallpaper, doors, flooring, and furniture inside of your house, but what about the outside? This feature is easy to overlook, but we’ll tell you how to access it below.

How to change your house’s appearance in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To change the outside of your home, you’ll first need to enter the furniture mode while standing nearby. Select your home, then note an option in the bottom left that says “Replace.” Press the button listed there to select from any available customization skins you currently have for your home.

The game gives you five color schemes to start with, but you can buy more in the premium shop.

While the game gives you five options out of the gate, you can buy additional home customization skins in the premium shop using Moonstones. It’s worth noting, though, that these can be pretty expensive, so unless you’re comfortable dropping big bucks frequently, it’s probably in your best interest to be sure whatever you buy is something you’re likely to enjoy for a long time.

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