In the 2022 F1 season, Ferrari made some glaring strategy calls that ended up costing them positions and points in several races. This was partially why Mattia Binotto stepped down from the team principal role after the season ended. His replacement Frederic Vasseur recently hinted that he might make some ‘small adjustments’ to the strategy team if the problem persists.

According to Motorsport, the new Ferrari team principal didn’t want to take immediate action on the technical organization. However, he warned that changes will be implemented if strategies continue to be poor during the upcoming season. Vasseur said:

“[It would be] arrogant from my side to take action on the technical organisation after two weeks. It will be time, after a couple of weeks or months, to take action if it’s not working. Yes, we’ll make some small adjustments.”

Though Ferrari’s team principal subtly warned his strategy team, he also explained how there is much more than just them that moves the team forward or backward. He mentioned people working at the factory, engineers working on the software, the pit crew, etc., that can also affect a team’s performance. He said:

“But what I said last time is that you see just the visible part of the iceberg. And when you spoke about strategy, you were speaking about strategist, and strategy. It’s not just one person pushing on a button. It’s software, it’s the team at the factory, and it’s also process on the pit wall. And so it’s a complete picture rather than about one person.”

Frederic Vasseur delighted with Ferrari’s 2023 car launch in front of Tifosi

Ferrari’s new team principal, Frederic Vasseur, was delighted to have a different kind of car launch event where the team was able to showcase their new car live on the Fiorano circuit in front of the Tifosi. On the eve of the car launch, Vasseur said:

“This is a good feeling. The look of the launch of the other teams, I think, it was a bit virtual or online. I don’t want to speak about the others, but I’m more than proud to do something like this with all the Tifosi around the track, with guests, it’s a really big event, and, for us, it’s the best way to start the season.”

He further added:

“We put so much effort – honestly not myself, I joined too late, my contribution is very small on this one – but I can perfectly feel the work done on the car, and now it will be a new journey for the project because the car will move to the race team.”

He humbly appreciated his team for setting up the entire car launch event since he joined Ferrari quite late and had little to contribute to the show. After the SF-23 was revealed, Charles Leclerc drove the car for two laps at the Fiorano circuit. This made the car launch even more special as millions of fans were able to see the new 2023 F1 car hit the track almost immediately after it was revealed.