Serena Williams’ former coach Patrick Mouratoglou has defended World No. 1 Novak Djokovic after Nike director Mike Nakajima stated that the Serbian tennis star is not as marketable as Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal.

Nakajima’s comments on the Serb were published in Simon Cambers and Simon Graf’s book, The Roger Federer Effect. Nakajima believes that the controversies surrounding the Serbian could affect his brand and that a ‘dark cloud’ looms over him, which is a result of his own actions.

Djokovic could well be the most successful tennis player ever. But there’s always a dark cloud around him. It’s like he brings it upon himself,” Nakajima mentioned.

These comments did not go down well with French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who trained Serena Williams from 2012 until her retirement last year. Mouratoglou took to Twitter to share his views on Nakajima’s comments.

“To answer Nakashima (Nakajima) about Nike and Novak: Whether we agree or not, like or dislike Novak, I personally prefer a real human being with his qualities, his beliefs and his flows (flaws) than a perfect untrue image of perfection. Sanctifying perfection is denying our condition as humans,” he tweeted.

Novak Djokovic’s wife Jelena attends the St. Sava Ball in Vienna as director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation

The Serbian tennis star and wife Jelena co-founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation in 2007 which focuses on the early education and care of children. As the World No. 1 is active on tour, Jelena is more actively involved with the operations of the foundation and is also the global CEO and director of the organization.

On February 10, Jelena represented the Foundation at the 24th St. Sava Ball in Vienna organized by the Serbisches Zentrum Association. The ball was held at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

In an interview at the ball, Jelena expressed her gratitude for being able to interact with people from various diasporas. She also mentioned that she was there to raise money to help children in Odzaci, Kosovo, and Metohija.

The foundation’s Instagram page posted the interview with Jelena’s quotes.

“I’m happy to be here and have had the opportunity to join people from the diaspora,” she said. “I am so grateful that there are people who cherish the traditions of our country and that this ball represents the most beautiful thing we have to represent the whole world and that brings together not only our people but foreigners.”

“The point is to get acquainted with our culture and tradition,” she added. “The Novak Djokovic Foundation is here to support our people and this wonderful tradition and to raise money for equipping kindergartens in Odžaci and Kosovo and Metohija.”