Bear eats a red bag of cocaine. Bear runs faster. Bear catches people and rips them to shreds. That’s the simple loop of a new browser-based video game to promote the upcoming film Cocaine Bear.

The official Twitter account for the movie unveiled the surprise game, Cocaine Bear: The Rise of Pablo Escobear. You control the creature with simple directional inputs in a maze-like level that resembles Pac-Man. However, you must be older than 18 to play the title, so it’s obviously bloodier than Namco’s classic game.

Instead of ghosts, humans are the prey for our titular bear. There is even an ambulance to catch for bonus points. To keep going, though, the bear needs to regularly consume cocaine, which is littered around the levels. Completing enough stages will lead to clips from the upcoming movie playing on screen.

Like this game, Cocaine Bear will have serious gore when it comes out February 24. Director Elizabeth Banks has discussed how she grew up watching Evil Dead. Banks has also talked about a possible sequel that’s basically Jaws with cocaine, after over 3 tons of the drug were recently found floating in the Pacific Ocean.

Cocaine Bear stars Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matthew Rhys, Margo Martindale, Alden Ehrenreich, and the late Ray Liotta.