There are numerous collectibles found all over the game world in Hogwarts Legacy. One type, Field Guide Pages, provide background lore about a location. In this Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages article, we discuss those in the Highlands, which encompasses all environments not related to Hogwarts Castle or Hogsmeade Village.

Collecting the Highlands Field Guide Pages

If you thought looking for 150 Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages in the castle was an absolute chore, then grabbing a 31 more from the Highlands might seem daunting. Thankfully, navigation is a lot easier this time. That’s because, once revealed, these pages do appear on the world map. As such, you’ll be able to click on each icon, causing a waypoint to appear and lead the way. You can see two images below using the page in the outskirts of Hogsmeade Village as an example.

If you spam Revelio to see various points-of-interest, a Field Guide Page icon might appear on your map. You may then track that item and follow the waypoint.

North Ford Bog Field Guide Pages

  • Pitt-Upon-Ford – In front of the signboard at the bridge.
  • East North Forth Bog – On a dilapidated boat near the Giant Purple Toad den and Battle Arena challenge.

Hogsmeade Valley Field Guide Pages

Hogsmeade Valley and North Hogwarts map
  • Upper Hogsfield – Inside the brewery in the northern part of the hamlet.
  • East Hogsmeade Valley – Outside a cottage just south of the Floo Flame.
  • Falbarton Castle – You’ll visit this location as part of The High Keep quest to obtain a Hippogriff mount. The page is in one of the ruined houses to the east.
  • Hogsmeade Outskirts – Go to the small terrace to the south of the village. This is the example mentioned earlier.

North Hogwarts Region Field Guide Page

  • Forbidden Forest – Go east from the Floo Flame and check the hill crest with a waterfall.

South Hogwarts Field Guide Pages

South Hogwarts map
  • Hogsmeade Station – In front of the station’s ticketing office.
  • Aranshire – In front of a cage next to a shopkeeper’s wares.
  • Lower Hogsfield – Go up the hill to see the Groundskeeper’s House. Hagrid will eventually become its occupant a hundred years later (R.I.P.).

Hogwarts Valley Field Guide Pages

Hogwarts Valley and South Sea Bog map
  • Central Hogwarts Valley – On the small landmass jutting out by the river.
  • Brocburrow – The scarecrow in one of the farms in Brocburrow.
  • Keenbridge: There are three Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages in the town of Keenbridge:
    • The tavern near the Floo Flame.
    • The beehives near the riverbed.
    • The Tilted House to the west.
  • Keenbridge (West) – In front of a gravestone.
  • Keenbridge (Southwest) – Inside a tent in a Bandit Camp.
  • The Lost Child quest – There’s a Field Guide Page called the Hebridean Black Scale that can be found in front of a makeshift tent. We picked this up during The Lost Child quest that comes from Natty during the halfway point of the campaign.

South Sea Bog and Coastal Cave Field Guide Pages

  • Northern South Sea Bog – Outside a creepy house in the middle of the swamp.
  • Coastal Cave: North Poidsear Coast – Right next to the Floo Flame itself.

Feldcroft Region Field Guide Pages

Feldcroft Region map
  • West Hogwarts Valley – The location is seen in the previous map image (Hogwarts Valley). From the Floo Flame, fly directly upward. You’ll see this under a canopy.
  • Feldcroft – The hamlet of Feldcroft has a couple of pages in the vicinity, as well as one more to the north:
    • Check the well in the hamlet.
    • In front of several training dummies.
    • Further north on a fort’s battlements near an Ancient Magic Hotspot.
  • South Feldcroft – Head east and check a small nook near the coast.
  • Feldcroft Catacomb – Go to the east until you spot a Bandit Camp. The page is in front of the forge.
  • Irondale – Behind a windmill.

Cragcroftshire Field Guide Pages

Cragcroftshire and Clagmar Coast map
  • Cragcroft – In front of the large tree in the center of town.
  • Cragcroft – Along the coast to the south near a Merlin Trial and Bandit Cap.

Clagmar Coast Field Guide Pages

  • Clagmar Castle – Due west of the Floo Flame in a Bandit Camp.
  • Clagmar Castle – Further northwest of the Floo Flame on a wooden platform in a Bandit Camp.

Hogwarts Legacy is developed by Avalanche Software, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game has been embroiled in controversy due to transphobic remarks from Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Although she is not personally involved with its development, she stands to profit from its success. For more, read our in-depth article on how Rowling’s comments have impacted the trans community. In this article, you will also find links to trans creators you can support, as well as charities you can donate to.