Stuffed animals and plushies are arguably one of the most universally loved gifts on the planet. That’s especially true during these cold winter months, as there’s nothing better than hitting snooze and snuggling up with your ultra-soft friend. However, the best plushies on the market are typically ultra-expensive, making it difficult to stockpile a small army of loveable squishes.

That’s not the case this month, as from now until February 28 you can cash in on a Buy One Get One 40% Off Sale that features plushies from Mario, Kirby, Zelda, and other hit video games.

Shop the sale at Entertainment Earth

The impressive promotion is being run by Entertainment Earth, and it features a staggering number of incredible gaming products. All told, more than 60 different items are included in the BOGO catalog–and a large portion of them are high-quality plushies from Club Mocchi Mocchi (which feature ultra-soft fabrics and a super-squeezable design). This includes a variety of Kirby designs, a Mega Spiny Shell Mega Spiny Shell from Mario Kart, Tom Nook Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, and The Legend of Zelda’s infamous Koroks.

Cashing in on the savings is easy–just add the two products to your shopping cart, create a free account, and your 40% discount will automatically be applied at check out. Keep in mind that some plushies, including a chunky Cuphead, are currently up for preorder, meaning you’ll have to wait a few weeks before they arrive at your door.

To help you wade through the massive BOGO catalog, we’ve put together a short list of the best plushies on sale below.

Best plushies in BOGO sale

  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Kirby Plush — $80
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Super Mario Mega Blooper Plush — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Plants vs. Zombies Peashooter — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Animal Crossing Assorted Plushies — $80
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Mario Kart Mega Spiny Shell — $38
  • Super Mario Bros. Bob-omb Mega Plush — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Sonic the Hedgehog Plush — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Mario Kart Mega Mushroom — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Tom Nook Plush — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi The Legend of Zelda Korok — $38
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Cuphead Plush — $38

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