The second season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 adds the crossbow weapon as a reward for completing the season’s Path of the Ronin limited-time event. Here we’ll guide you through completing all the necessary challenges to unlock the new crossbow.

What is the Path of the Ronin event?

Path of the Ronin Season 2 event

Fitting the season’s Japanese theme with the Ashika Island map and Ronin operator, Season 2 added the Path of the Ronin as a limited-time event. This is much like past Call of Duty seasonal events with a set of challenges to complete across multiplayer and Warzone 2.

The challenges are based on the Seven Virtues of Bushido: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Sincerity, and Loyalty. Each challenge comes with a reward for completion, such as XP or weapon charm.

You’ll need to complete all seven of the event challenges to unlock the crossbow as the final reward.

Path of the Ronin event challenges

Integrity challenge:

Multiplayer: Win 15 matches in any Multiplayer game mode.

Warzone 2: Get five Top 10 finishes.

The best advice for either multiplayer or battle royale is to party up with friends. Team Deathmatch will be quicker than some of the objective modes, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve got teammates who will help you out.

Honor challenge:

Multiplayer: Get 100 objective defense kills.

Warzone 2: Collect your dog tag (Restore Honor) 5 times.

For multiplayer, Hardpoint and Domination are the best modes to get this challenge complete. Just sit either on the Hardpoint or Domination point and get as many kills as you can.

In Warzone 2, Restoring Honor is the new feature that drops your dog tag upon death, so you’ll want to head back to your death location once you respawn into the match. Just check for any enemies who may be nearby before grabbing your tag.

Sincerity challenge:

Multiplayer: Get 50 operator kills using Battle Rage.

Warzone 2: Complete five Assassination Contracts.

For multiplayer, you’ll want a weapon for close-quarters combat, such as a submachine gun or shotgun to pair with Battle Rage. The wording says “operator kills” so you’ll need to make sure your kills are human opponents and not the AI enemies in Invasion mode.

For Assassination Contracts, this will be best attempted in trios or squads to better your odds. If anyone on your team earns the elimination, it counts toward your challenge’s progress.

The remaining challenges will be unlocked over the next 6-13 days.

Crossbow details

Season 2 crossbow

Once all seven challenges are complete, the crossbow will be unlocked for you. This weapon is described as being silent, agile, and customizable. The crossbow’s standard 20″ bolts are recoverable, and they are also undetected by enemy trophy systems.

Store bundle

While not currently available in the shop, the Crossbow will become available to purchase during Season 2 with the Tracer Pack: Ballistic Love Bundle. This Cupid-themed bundle will feature the Snack operator skin for Reyes, two holiday-themed weapon blueprints, a vehicle skin, and more.

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