Overwatch 2’s first event of Season 3, Ultimate Valentine, has arrived, bringing some new cosmetics, challenges, and game modes to the hero shooter. The event is themed around love, with the main new addition being a Cupid Hanzo skin, equipping the archer with pink arrows. There is also a new browser game, Loverwatch, which is a short dating sim where you can try and romance either Mercy or Genji. Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s Ultimate Valentine event.

Love of Geometry

The Love of Geometry arcade mode is a twist on Team Deathmatch. Two teams of four Cupid Hanzos are pitted against each other in a battle to the death. Hanzo’s ultimate ability will have a bit of extra visual flair in this mode, but the big draw is the return of Hanzo’s old ability, Scatter Arrow. Scatter Arrow lets Hanzo ricochet arrows off any surface, making for some interesting trick shots and a deadly close range ability. While this ability isn’t likely to return to regular Overwatch 2 anytime soon, it does let new players see what Hanzo used to be like.

In addition to that, there are a ton of free cosmetic rewards available through event challenges, many of which can be completed in regular game modes. The big reward here is two epic skins, the Ascendant Zenyatta skin and the Bitrate Lucio skin.

Bitrate Lucio is one of the free rewards you can grab by completing event challenges.

Here are all of the event challenges and rewards:

  • Blushing Pink – Complete 4 even challenges – Ascendant Zenyatta
  • Mastery of Love – Complete 6 event challenges – Bitrate Lucio
  • All’s Fair in Love and War – Win 1 game in Love of Geometry – Piercing Love Spray, If I Had A Heart Echo Voice Line
  • Struck by Cupid – Earn 6 eliminations in Love of Geometry – Shot Through The Heart Hanzo Voice Line
  • Better to Have Loved and Won – Win 10 games – Nice Smile Baptiste Emote, You Are My Starlight Sigma Voice Line
  • Violent Delights, Violent Ends – Deal/boost a total of 50,000 damage. (Excludes Total Mayhem and co-op modes) – Not Impressed Ana Emote
  • Capture My Heart – Contest/capture objectives for 1,250 seconds – Come Here Moira Emote, See A Movie Roadhog Voice Line
  • Love Conquers All – Win 3 games as any Support hero – Heart Souvenir, Just Pathetic Moira Voice Line
  • Love Heals All – Heal a total of 30,000 damage. (Excludes Total Mayhem and co-op modes) – Would You Lucio Voice Line, Be With Me Widowmaker Voice Line
  • Love Saves The Day – Earn 150 assists/saves. (Excludes Total Mayhem and co-op modes) – Lives Are Short Ramattra Voice Line
  • Thanks Love! – Emote “Thanks” to a Support Hero – My Heart Pharah Voice Line, You’re All Right Sojourn Voice Line

Get the Cupid Hanzo skin at a discount

You can get the Cupid Hanzo bundle for cheaper if you unlock the Highlight intro via Loverwatch.

Available in the shop during the event is the Cupid’s Target Name Card for 300 Overwatch Coins and the Cupid Hanzo Bundle for 2,600 Overwatch Coins. The bundle includes the legendary Cupid Hanzo skin, along with a Souvenir, Weapon Charm, Highlight Intro, and the Cupid’s Target Name Card. However, you can get a discount on this bundle by playing Loverwatch first.

If you complete Loverwatch while logged into your Blizzard account, you will receive a number of free rewards, including multiple titles and the Cupid’s Kiss Highlight Intro. That is the same Highlight Intro included in the bundle. If you obtain the Cupid’s Kiss Highlight from Loverwatch before buying the Cupid Hanzo Bundle, you will get a slight discount on the bundle. Whenever a bundle in the store contains an item you already own, it is sold to you at a slight discount, although the exact amount varies depending on the bundle. Loverwatch is available until February 28.