The next year of Destiny 2 content kicks off on February 28 with the release of the game’s next expansion, Lightfall. Before then, you can get a glimpse at what lies ahead with a new vidoc from Bungie that sets the tone for the year ahead and beyond.

While Bungie has been sharing a lot of details recently on the technical and mechanical changes coming to Destiny 2 in Lightfall, vidocs are usually a short and punchy sizzle reel in comparison. These previews usually contain soundbites from the team that works on upcoming content, teasers for new ideas in development, and are usually a great showcase before the main event goes live.

Lightfall arrives after a major turning point for Destiny 2, as Season of the Seraph ended the game’s long-running Witch Queen saga on a major cliffhanger. With the Traveler seemingly ready to abandon humanity before the Witness backed it into a corner, Rasputin sacrificing himself to stop a Golden Age arsenal from falling into enemy hands, and a second Collapse barely averted at the eleventh hour, things look bleaker than ever in the penultimate chapter of the Light and Darkness saga.

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