All marketing strategy should stem from a deep understanding of the values that are important to your ideal customer. But that is easier said than done.

If you take one thing away from our new eBook on SaaS marketing strategy, it should be this fundamental truth:

Repeat it over and over again. Like a mantra.

This may sound like a no-brainer, like something that you learn in business 101. But the application of centering marketing materials around customer values is where many SaaS companies fall short.

Some make the mistake of composing their ‘about page’ with content entirely about their individual story. Instead, the about page should primarily be about what the customer will get of their relationship with your brand.

Others make their information pages about the features of their products, when they should be about the benefits that the customer will receive by using the product.

It’s these seemingly minor deviations, which are founded in customer centricity, that can negatively impact your marketing efforts in a major way. There are three steps to understanding your customer and avoid these common pitfalls … 

Read about these steps and more in our new eBook, We hope you like it!