Day one of the qualifier has concluded, and play will continue tomorrow at 12:00 with the round of 64. Some of the highlight matches can be found below, whilst the rest of the bracket can be found here.

Round of 64

Kazakhstan AVANGAR vs Europe Genk
France LDLC vs Europe SD Invicta
Czech Republic ECLOT vs Bulgaria TENSTAR
Europe Partizan vs Slovakia Sampi
France HEET vs. Poland ThunderFlash
Romania Nexus vs Kosovo BLINK
Poland Permitta vs Denmark Sashi
Denmark MASONIC vs United Kingdom ROYALS
Portugal FTW vs Sweden Goodfellas
Spain Movistar Riders vs Russia HOTU
Russia K23 vs Europe The Prodigies
Poland los kogutos vs Europe Let us cook
Turkey Eternal Fire vs Latvia Wolsung

Round of 128

Norway 777 16-8 Poland Singularity – lobby
Turkey Eternal Fire 16-6 Europe GRGECHI – lobby
Czech Republic SINNERS 16-8 Europe BiT – lobby
France LDLC 16-2 Europe paranoia – lobby
Poland Anonymo 16-5 Europe North kick – lobby
Europe Partizan 16-4 Europe TrashUnitKing – lobby
Russia HOTU 16-5 Russia d54 – lobby
United Kingdom ROYALS 16-13 Europe shawties – lobby
Portugal FTW 16-7 Europe goat5 – lobby
Spain Movistar Riders 16-9 Belarus PLATOON Beta – lobby
Russia Forward 16-13 Europe EstViki – lobby
Sweden boomer demons 12-16 Europe scou7gang – lobby
Russia K23 16-0 Europe zakmp4 dog team – lobby
Europe Sangal 10-16 Europe Hydra_GG – lobby
Poland los kogutos 22-20 Europe papparefut – lobby
Sweden GODSENT 16-9 Europe szczury123 – lobby
Russia 9 Pandas 16-10 Europe Elite Kappucino – lobby
Latvia Wolsung 16-10 Europe zelenata kotka – lobby
Belarus Websterz 16-3 Europe Mamamu Deba – lobby
Bulgaria TENSTAR 16-13 Europe godobegaem – lobby
Ukraine Iron Branch 16-12 Europe Falcons Omega Main – lobby
Kazakhstan AVANGAR 16-1 Europe Ogurki
Slovakia Sampi 16-11 Albania EAGLES – lobby
Europe undefined 14-16 Europe BULLY_ – lobby
Romania Nexus 22-18 Europe Scythe – lobby
Sweden Lilmix 16-9 Russia Spassk – lobby
France HEET 16-6 Europe Slavs Gaming – lobby
Kosovo BLINK 16-14 Europe YNT – lobby
Denmark Sashi 16-3 Europe OldWardensClub – lobby
Norway Metizport 16-8 Europe Void UP – lobby
Poland Permitta 16-14 Europe lobsteru2137 – lobby
North Macedonia BLUEJAYS 14-16 Europe The Witcherss – lobby
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX 16-6 Europe team koalas – lobby
Europe Endpoint 16-8 Europe rpaqp gpakyJla – lobby
Denmark MASONIC 16-8 Europe Dallas Stars – lobby
Finland JANO 16-8 Europe Slaughter Gang Murder Gang – lobby
United Kingdom 7AM 10-16 Europe MayBe – lobby
France GenOne 16-5 Europe Team Elessar – lobby
Europe The Prodigies 16-5 Europe Z E R O – lobby
France Nakama 12-16 Europe Let us cook – lobby
Czech Republic ECLOT 16-8 Europe hltv dodgers – lobby

Round of 256

United Kingdom 7AM 16-11 Europe ELLA ELLE L A – lobby
Spain Movistar Riders 16-7 Europe S0lyanka – lobby
Europe Sangal 16-1 Europe lowskill1 – lobby
Russia Forward 16-2 Europe FC_THROW – lobby
Russia K23 16-11 Europe Welcome to Medina – lobby
Poland Singularity 16-2 Europe GreenWhite – lobby
Belarus Websterz 16-12 Europe GHOSTRIDERPEEK – lobby
Sweden boomer demons 16-10 Europe Madagascar – lobby
Kazakhstan AVANGAR 16-5 Europe Wild Panthers – lobby
Bulgaria TENSTAR 22-19 Europe UNiTY– – lobby
France LDLC 16-2 Europe Leopard$ – lobby
Poland Anonymo 16-11 Europe NtK- – lobby
Europe Partizan 16-4 Europe LycoReco – lobby
Slovakia Sampi 16-10 Russia FLuffy Gangsters – lobby
Ukraine Lazer Cats 10-16 Albania EAGLES – lobby
France HEET 16-1 Europe Combined IQ 199 – lobby
Sweden Lilmix 16-4 Europe Animos – lobby
Romania Nexus 16-12 Europe 5Reasons – lobby
Kosovo BLINK 16-1 Europe Oskarovo pravnuci – lobby
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX 16-8 Europe DrugCartel – lobby
North Macedonia BLUEJAYS 16-9 Europe Benched Heroes – lobby
Poland Permitta 16-3 Europe 3roundMax – lobby
Denmark Sashi 16-11 Europe TOP993 – lobby
Europe Endpoint 16-3 Europe shinikizo – lobby
Finland JANO 16-11 Europe EZKATKA1337 – lobby
Denmark MASONIC 16-9 Europe toky0xd – lobby
United Kingdom ROYALS 16-9 Europe HDE.hajde – lobby
Portugal FTW 16-11 Europe BellaCiao – lobby
France GenOne 16-0 Europe GYM Buddys – lobby
Russia HOTU 16-1 Europe GhostZ Gaming – lobby
Europe The Prodigies 16-4 Europe T1Blaster – lobby
Norway 777 16-5 Europe NaWeight – lobby
Poland los kogutos 16-6 Norway Bitfix – lobby
France Nakama 16-8 Europe The glecs – lobby
Sweden GODSENT 16-9 Europe Hot Headed Gaming – lobby
Russia 9 Pandas 16-4 Europe poulet noir – lobby
Turkey Eternal Fire 16-2 Europe BingaBonga – lobby
Europe undefined 16-5 Europe Entropiq – lobby
Czech Republic ECLOT 16-2 Europe Linx Legacy – lobby
Russia Boston crab 9-16 Czech Republic Enterprise – lobby
Norway Metizport 16-2 Europe Pozdroo – lobby
Denmark XI 16-19 Europe Zwarta Druzyna Skutecznosci – lobby
Europe Let us cook 16-7 Europe Miedzygalaktyczne Oro – lobby
Latvia Wolsung 16-2 Europe 417 – lobby
Ukraine Iron Branch 16-9 Europe n00rg – lobby

Round of 512

Czech Republic Enterprise 16-10 Europe zJpeek – lobby
Europe Benched Heroes 16-6 Europe DIVERSEgg – lobby
Denmark Sashi 16-4 Europe ProBaiters – lobby
Spain Movistar Riders 16-1 Europe Ruuvaajat – lobby
Russia Forward 16-0 Europe MOTIHUNT – lobby
Russia K23 16-4 Europe tagmix – lobby
Europe Let us cook 16-0 Europe dieinprem – lobby
Russia Nemiga 12-16 Latvia Wolsung – lobby
Belarus Websterz 16-0 Europe Eyedress – lobby
Kazakhstan AVANGAR 16-8 Europe PROTOKOL-PAUKI – lobby
France LDLC 16-8 Europe Something Special – lobby
Poland Anonymo 16-9 Europe MinasTirith – lobby
Sweden Lilmix 16-9 Europe BUSHIDO- – lobby
Europe EC Brugge 22-25 Norway Metizport – lobby
Denmark MASONIC 16-12 Europe TopTopic – lobby
United Kingdom 7AM 16-3 Europe Ynmama – lobby
France GenOne 16-4 Europe JorviVelehot – lobby
Europe Sangal 16-1 Europe pivnoe_puzo – lobby
Poland Singularity 16-1 Europe JEETU ESPORT – lobby
France Nakama 16-13 Europe majorWINNER$ – lobby
Sweden GODSENT 16-7 Europe Kuro Yagi – lobby
Turkey Eternal Fire 16-3 Europe HEP GAMING! – lobby
Ukraine Iron Branch 16-14 Europe 5 – lobby
Czech Republic ECLOT 16-14 Europe MVP.CYBER – lobby
Bulgaria TENSTAR 16-3 Europe w8fortag – lobby
Europe Partizan 16-7 Europe MASTERCLASS1 – lobby
Slovakia Sampi 16-6 Europe CPH NOOBS – lobby
Ukraine Lazer Cats 16-8 Europe Sib-Esports – lobby
France HEET 16-5 Europe MAXPISYA – lobby
Russia Boston crab 16-12 Europe DEEZNUTSs – lobby
Romania Nexus 16-10 Europe Aimgods without malachi – lobby
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX 16-3 Europe EUROJACKPOT – lobby
Czech Republic SINNERS 16-4 Europe no_friends_club – lobby
Sweden boomer demons 16-7 Europe AT LEAST WE TRIED – lobby
Europe Endpoint 16-5 Europe Ha MaSSe – lobby
North Macedonia BLUEJAYS 16-6 Europe Luxera – lobby
Finland JANO 16-2 Europe +w na major – lobby
Portugal FTW 16-3 Europe Zimograjki – lobby
United Kingdom ROYALS 16-7 Europe Hannes Drenge – lobby
Russia HOTU 16-2 Europe y0die gang – lobby
Europe The Prodigies 16-0 Europe Away lobby
Norway 777 16-0 Europe HooXi5 – lobby
Denmark ECSTATIC 16-12 Europe SHIPACHI – lobby
Denmark XI 16-10 Europe Kirikou – lobby
United Kingdom Into the Bin 20-22 Europe Miedzygalaktyczne Oro – lobby
Poland los kogutos 16-2 Europe Oxuji Esports – lobby

Round of 1024

Ukraine Lazer Cats 16-6 Europe Turisti – lobby
Lithuania Budapest Five 17-19 Europe Insilio_ – lobby
Ukraine Kyiv 16-1 Europe Endlezz – lobby
Europe The Prodigies 16-2 Europe Allora – lobby
Poland Singularity 16-4 Europe shmonika – lobby


23:50 Day one concludes

Day one of the qualifier ended with Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski triumphing over Richard “⁠shox⁠” Papillon, ensuring the Frenchman will miss the Paris Major.

Elsewhere in the qualifier undefined were eliminated at the hands of BULLY_, BLUEJAYS fell to The Witcherss, and Sangal were defeated by Hydra_GG.

The qualifier continues with the round of 64 tomorrow at 12:00 . You can view the bracket here.

22:40 Two legends of the game clash for Major qualification

Richard “⁠shox⁠” Papillon and Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski may not have gone head to head for some time, but they are matching up on the server once again as Let us cook and Nakama fight for a spot in the round of 64.

You can find the lobby for that game, which contains the GOTV link, here.

Snax will need to overcome shox to qualify for Paris

21:40 Known names start to fall as qualifier continues

Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield will not be continuing his quest for Major qualification after Benched Heroes were beaten 9-16 by BLUEJAYS in the round of 256.

Other casualties include Into the Bin, who were narrowly defeated 20-22 by the unknown Miedzygalaktyczne Oro in the round of 512, and EC Brugge were knocked out by Metizport in the same round.

smooya could not get past BLUEJAYS

20:45 Benched Heroes take on BLUEJAYS

One of the more interesting matchups of the qualifier so far has come up in the round of 256, with BLUEJAYS taking on Benched Heroes.

Benched Heroes fell to Sangal in the round of 32 in the last qualifier, whilst BLUEJAYS were bested by Lazer Cats in the round of 128.

19:30 boomer demons and Benched Heroes sport different lineups

The qualifier is well underway now, with a raft of round of 512 games close to finishing.

Some of the more well-known mix teams, boomer demons and Benched Heroes, have turned up for the second qualifier with different players in their ranks.

boomer demons have Ludvig “⁠HEAP⁠” Alonso playing in place of Olof “⁠olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer, whilst Benched Heroes count Özgür “⁠woxic⁠” Eker among their number.

Elsewhere in the qualifier Kyiv, Ioann “⁠Edward⁠” Sukhariev and Vladyslav “⁠bondik⁠” Nechyporchuk‘s team, made it through the round of 1024 with ease.

18:30 Bracket is live

Matches will be underway shortly as the bracket has gone live. You can view the bracket here.

There are few matches of interest to report right now, as most notable teams received a bye for the first round, however Lazer Cats are in action. The Ukrainian squad narrowly missed out on the closed qualifier to B8 last time out.

17:50 Second open qualifier begins shortly

We are back for the last of the two open qualifiers for the EU RMRs, with eight spots left to be claimed for the closed qualifier.

There are just shy of 1000 teams signed up for this qualifier, with the first games set to kick off at 18:00 . Teams will fight their way through a single-elimination, best-of-one format up until the round of 16, when best-of-three will take over. The top eight teams will advance to the closed qualifier.

shox’s Nakama side are back for a second bite at the cherry

Once it is confirmed, the bracket will be available to view here.

Some of the notable teams already signed up for the qualifier are:

The invites and distribution of teams already set for the EU closed qualifiers are as follows:

Whilst the lineups already qualified for the two Regional Major Ranking tournaments based on their Legends Stage performances at the IEM Rio Major are:

This live post will be regularly updated as the open qualifier plays out and will feature a list of streams covering the event as well as noteworthy results. Streamers are invited to link their streams in the comments with information regarding the broadcast language in order to have them added to the article.