AtGames already offers several home arcade products–including the Legends Ultimate arcade and the Legends Pinball–but the lineup is getting bigger this year with a few more products. If you’ve been wanting to play your favorite games in 4K or take them on the go, then these might be up your alley.

Arriving by the end of 2023 and available to preorder this summer, the AtGames Legends Pinball 4KP and Legends Ultimate 4KP are both in the works. Each machine comes with higher storage and processing power compared to the original versions, and also includes a new UI. In the case of the Legends Pinball 4KP, it’s also slightly bigger, with a nearly 24-inch backglass display and solenoids in place of the haptic speakers on the original.

The Legends Ultimate 4KP closely resembles the standard Legends Ultimate, but it comes with a BitLCD marquee as the standard option, letting you show art for your game of choice while playing instead of the Legends Ultimate logo. Neither system has an MSRP yet, but given the $800 price for the existing Legends Pinball, expect it to be fairly expensive. Upgrade kits to replace your internal board will also be available, giving your older machines the processing power of the 4K models–these are planned at $350 for the Legends Ultimate and $400 for the Legends Pinball.

AtGames will also be releasing an entirely new system in late 2023. The Legends Voyager is a handheld system capable of playing all existing game and pinball packs from the other AtGames machines. It supports local streaming and many of the same BYOG options of those systems, as well, and features 50 games built-in. It doesn’t have an MSRP yet, and there aren’t currently images of any sort of prototype design, but expect to see it later this year.