A few of this week’s Fortnite quests request you to do some hiding and seeking, asking you to be a bit sneaky with your playing to unlock that sweet challenge XP. One of these quests asks you to hide in a hay stack, a leaf pile, and a giant snowball in a single match. This can seem tricky as it requires you to travel to three different biomes without dying. But don’t worry–it’s easier than it sounds, and we’ll walk you through it below.

How to hide in a hay stack, a leaf pile, and a giant snowball in a single match in Fortnite

First up, set your sights on the southern tip of the snowy section of the map. When you land there, go ahead and pull out your harvesting tool and hit the ground with it until you’ve made a giant snowball, then jump inside of it to knock that one off your list.

Start in the snowy area and work your way to Frenzy Fields.

Secondly, begin heading in the direction of Frenzy Fields to the southwest. As you make this long trek, keep an eye out for fallen leaves on the ground that you can jump in. There are plenty on this route, especially if you veer into the autumnal (yellow) section of the map. That will complete the second requirement of the quest.

Lastly, once you’ve finally made your way down to Frenzy Fields, keep an eye out for hay bales scattered all around the farm. Hop inside one of these to wrap up the quest and earn yourself 16,000 XP.

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