Fortnite’s surprise Most Wanted event is here, and it builds on the structure we saw Epic unveil with last year’s Dragon Ball event. Similar to events seen in games like Halo and Overwatch, the Fortnite Most Wanted event includes its own mini battle pass, complete with 13 exclusive cosmetics, culminating in a free character skin, Gold Blooded Ace.

First up, you can pick up new exotic weapons by robbing them from Cold Blooded Vaults. The only way you can get in is by killing Cold Blooded Bosses and picking up Vault Keycards. Minions also guard the vaults themselves.

If you successfully take the vault, you can pick up exotics like the Heist Breacher Shotgun, Heisted Accelerant Shotgun, Heisted Run n’ Gun SMG, and the Heisted Blink Mag SMG. In addition, the update is bringing back several weapons including the Hand Cannon, Dual Pistols, Heavy Sniper, Hop Rock Dualies, Suppressed Pistol, and the Boom Sniper Rifle.

However, opening the vaults and killing opponents will raise your “Heat” level in a match. The more Heat you have, the more dangerous things get. Cold Blooded bosses will be more aggressive and other players will be able to see you on the minimap.

Heat comes with benefits too, with each Heat level granted particular bonuses. You can track how much Heat you have with flame icons on the HUD.

  • One Heat: Eliminated opponents drop more Bars.
  • Two Heat: Your movement speed increases by 15%, and you’ll regenerate up to 100 Health out of combat.
  • Three Heat: Your movement speed increases by 20%, and you’ll regenerate up to 100 Health and 50 Shield out of combat.
  • Four Heat: Your movement speed increases by 25%, and you’ll regenerate up to 100 Health and 100 Shield out of combat.

New reality augments will also provide aid. With the Exotic Grab Bag, you’ll receive a random Heisted Exotic Weapon. Sniper Surplus gives an extra bullet in every Sniper Magazine. Keymaster will give you two Keys for opening Holo-Chests. Finally, with Last Shots, the final two bullets of Pistol magazines will deal extra damage.

This is a large event, almost more akin to Season Launch rather a regular update. Most Wanted also comes with a variety of cosmetics and challenges, which you can find out about in GameSpot’s Most Wanted Event Guide. The event ends on February 28. On the same date, the second half of The Witcher challenges will unlock.