There’s an awful lot happening in Fortnite right now with the current Most Wanted event and its many unvaulted and new weapon additions. With so much going on, you’d be forgiven if you overlooked the fact that the Flare Gun has been brought back, too. Even more, one of the Hide ‘N Seek weekly quests asks you to use one to mark an opponent. We’ll tell you where to find the Flare Gun and how to use it below.

Where to find the Flare Gun in Fortnite and how it works

Note: Currently, the Flare Gun does not seem to be spawning as intended. We expect Epic will fix this shortly and will update this guide once the Flare Gun can be found as normal. The details that follow will aid you once the weapon is properly appearing in-game.

The Flare Gun can be rounded up on the ground, in chests, or from supply drops. This unique gun is more of a recon tool than an actual gun–though it can start fires when shot on burnable surfaces). It allows you to mark where enemies are located within a fairly large radius, letting you to see them through walls and other structures for a limited time.

The Flare Gun is an immensely useful recon tool.

When you’re ready to mark an enemy, equip the Flare Gun and aim it high into the sky in the direction of where you believe your opponent to be. When you fire it, you’ll see the flare go up and over toward your foes, then they’ll become marked soon after. This should wrap up the quest for you, but make sure you keep a Flare Gun around beyond this one request, as it can be a vital tool that could make all the difference for you and your squad–especially in the final few rings.

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