Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry launched today, bringing a massive amount of new content to the game. But between the excitement over team deathmatch’s long-awaited arrival and the new Remastered Legend Classes system, it’s easy to miss one of the best new additions to the game: an official lore hub.

Respawn’s vision for Season 16 was partially focused on improving new players’ gameplay experience, with plans to update the Firing Range, add a better tutorial, and implement Orientation Matches to help new players get familiar with the world of Apex Legends. But gameplay isn’t the only experience Apex offers–the game also has an ongoing narrative that intertwines the stories of all 23 legends, and has been told in various formats, from YouTube’s Stories From The Outlands series to various comics (both digital and physical).

Apex’s expansive storyline is now so complicated that trying to even explain the context of the game’s current events can be difficult. For newcomers, taking inventory of Apex’s many, many plot threads can be overwhelming. The 23-character roster alone makes keeping track of things difficult, but another part of the problem was the fact after each season’s storyline ended, there was no way to access that season’s storyline. Over the last four years, Apex fans on /r/ApexUncovered and wikis hosted by Fandom (Gamespot’s sister site) have meticulously archived and cataloged each season’s in-game comic or story, along with links to Twitter comics and other lore sources. Ultimately, new players who wanted to know “the whole story” had to devote a significant amount of time to researching the events of past seasons. But with today’s unveiling of Respawn’s official Apex Legends Lore Hub, all of that changed.

Though it’s still missing some comics–and the entirety of the Broken Ghost quest, one of Apex’s most significant storylines–the majority of the story is now available in a well-organized, single location. Currently, the hub only contains season launch trailers, episodes of Stories From The Outlands, and Twitter comics, but evidently there is more to come. Dataminer-turned-Apex Legends narrative historian David Bartle announced on Twitter that this is simply the “first iteration” of the Apex Legends Lore hub. Bartle–better known as FrozenFroh–promised players that important story content like seasonal quests will eventually be added to the page as well, finally giving new players a chance to catch up on the current state of Apex’s Incredibly detailed plot.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available to play on Android and iOS devices, but will be sunset on May 1.