An English couple made news recently when they discovered a treasure trove of Star Wars memorabilia in a bag in their attic, including an original script, shooting schedules, and call sheets for Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew, who passed away in 2019, the Washington Post reports.

The couple approached Ryedale Auctioneers to sell the historic items at auction, but the announcement drew the attention of Mayhew’s widow, Angie Mayhew. Tweeting from the Peter Mayhew Foundation account, Angie explained that the bag had been left behind due to Peter’s movement difficulties, which made it hard for him to access the attic before they moved from the UK to the USA.

Star Wars fans immediately started tweeting at the auction house, bringing Angie’s sentiment and story to owner Angus Ashworth’s attention. The items have now been pulled from the auction, with the couple who found them agreeing to donate them to the Peter Mayhew Foundation, provided the foundation doesn’t plan to sell them.

Angie and the foundation reportedly plan to add the documents to the “Chewie room,” a building on Angie’s father’s ranch in Texas that already contains a collection of Star Wars memorabilia related to Peter Mayhew’s iconic character.