With its release just days away, Sony has provided a detailed teardown of PSVR 2 and its accompanying Sense controllers. Similar to how the internal hardware of the PS5 was shown off before it launched in November 2022, the pair of videos uploaded by Sony goes into deep detail about the structure and internal workings of the virtual reality headset.

In the first video, presented by Takamasa Araki from the mechanical design team, the PSVR 2 headset is pulled apart and the engineer explains how Sony aimed to develop a well-balanced and symmetrical internal structure that could be used to deliver a comfortable gaming experience. Araki also added that the headset is developed to be light and compact while maintaining a high-functioning and sturdy structure.

The second video is hosted by Takeshi Igarashi from the peripheral design team, and dives into several interesting facts about the Sense controller. Designed to resemble a sphere, the Sense controller was an interesting combination of challenges for the developers to tackle. Not only did it need to look like a controller designed for the PS5 console, it also had to build on the haptic feedback ideas introduced by the DualSense controller and provide intuitive motion controls for VR gaming.

PSVR 2 officially launches on February 22 for $550, and includes a number of substantial enhancements over Sony’s original PSVR headset. Cable management has been greatly reduced, the combined internal screens can transmit a 4K image, and the first month of release has dozens of games in the pipeline, including PSVR 2’s main event Horizon Call of the Mountain. For another close look at the hardware, you can check out an official PSVR 2 unboxing video from Sony.