Production for the Ford F-150 Lightning is currently on pause due to a stop-build and stop-ship order issued by Ford, reported today.

The exact cause of the pause isn’t clear yet, but a Ford spokesperson told that the orders were given “due to a potential battery issue.” We reached out to Ford with questions and a spokesperson confirmed the news, adding that the company is not currently aware of any incidences in the field regarding the issue.

As of now, the Ford spokesperson has only said that the issue was identified during Ford’s “pre-delivery quality inspections.” The spokesperson goes on to say that “a vehicle displayed a potential battery issue, and we are holding vehicles while we investigate.” Additionally, reports that there is no stop-sale order for already-built Lightnings sitting on dealer lots, leaving those models clear for delivery to customers.

Ford didn’t provide a timeline for the lifting of the stop-build order, but reported that the plant building F-150 Lightnings has been shut down “since last week.” All the spokesperson said regarding timing for getting the plant back running is that the engineering team is currently working on “establishing the root cause of the potential issue.” 

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