Mercedes are the next team to reveal their new car for the 2023 F1 season. As of now, more than half the grid has already revealed their cars. The Brackley-based team will, of course, have a proper event to reveal their car.

After a tough 2022 F1 season where they struggled with several aerodynamic issues, especially porpoising, Mercedes will be working relentlessly to bring back the dominant days they enjoyed for nearly a decade.

However, they will be keeping a realistic goal for the upcoming season and will not get too optimistic, as stated by their team principal Toto Wolff. Nonetheless, teams are always excited to showcase their new machines and what they have been working on during winter break.

Mercedes’ social media team has consistently posted updates on their new car on Twitter and various other platforms. Through these posts, we know that they will be revealing their 2023 challenger, W14, on February 15th, at 9:15 am GMT (01:15 am PST, 04:15 am EST, 10:15 am CET, 5:15 pm MYT, 8:15 pm AEDT).

Apart from the time zones provided on the team’s official website, fans across the globe can simply convert them to whichever time zone they are in so that they don’t miss the launch.

The live event will stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Fans can tune in to any of the three social media platforms. Apart from that, Mercedes’ official Instagram and TikTok accounts will also share lots of exciting behind-the-scenes content.

Mercedes confirmed that the car launch will feature Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and even Mick Schumacher. They will be talking about the new car, its development, and the team’s goals and ambitions for the upcoming season.

Right after the car launch, their 2023 challenger will be taken to the track for the first time at Silverstone for filming. Though this might not be part of the main car launch event, the team will share content from the filming day on their official social media accounts.

Mercedes boss talks about championship chances in the 2023 F1 season

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes that his team could fight for the championship if everything goes well. However, he is still not overconfident and will not be surprised if the gap between the top teams remains the same.

Speaking about the W14 project, Wolff said:

“If the performances are what we hope for, we could be in the fight for the top of the standings. But we don’t take this progression for granted because the gaps that existed at the end of last season could still stay the same. when you start with a half-second deficit, it’s difficult to catch up to the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari.”

After a poor 2022 F1 season, the Brackley-based team will not be too optimistic for next season and will keep their hopes realistic. Toto Wolff is well aware that Red Bull and Ferrari will not sit idly and will also try to increase their performance and the gap as much as possible.