New Delhi: Ranbir Kapoor is getting blasted by Netizens after the paparazzi account shared a clip of him misbehaving with a fan.

In a video, a fan is seen clicking selfies with the actor. After posing 2-3 times, Ranbir Kapoor loses his patience and snatches the phone out of the fan’s hand. He then proceeds to throw it away.

Netizens have nothing but rage for Ranbir Kapoor’s misbehavior. But somehow in this equation, ‘Boycott Bollywood’ gang dragged Pathaan.

Many people were seen schooling Ranbir Kapoor but used a similar phrase in their tweets; Pathaan effect.

After an unsuccessful attempt to Boycott the Shahrukh Khan starrer, which enormously backfired, some people were seen blaming Pathaan for Ranbir Kapoor’s phone-throwing shenanigan.

One user pointed out that if Ranbir Kapoor can behave like this with a well-dressed, financially well-off fan then imagine how would he must treat a dark-skinned person from a lower economical background.

Another person tweeted that Ranbir Kapoor lost his charm by doing such an act.

Besides the obvious reprimanding, Netizens as usual took this as an opportunity to humorize the situation.

This clip, which is trending for the second day straight kickstarted a meme fest.

Let’s check out some memes and videos:

Well if you still haven’t caught on to it, it’s an advertisement. Yes, Ranbir Kapoor didn’t actually throw a fan’s phone out. This is just for a phone advertisement. Here is the full commercial.


Such publicity stunts are very common and are done to build hype by causing public outrage.