It has been almost a year since Square Enix published Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a chaos-obsessed spin-off of the original Final Fantasy, and a sequel could be greenlit one day. During a recent Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin celebrating the launch of the game’s third and final DLC this month, Different Future, producer Tetsuya Nomura confirmed the obvious method for getting Square Enix to potentially commit funds and staff to a Stranger of Paradise sequel.

“When Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin first came out, there was a lot of negative bashing, especially online,” Nomura said via Noisy Pixel. “However, I’m pleased to say that everyone watching this livestream has grown very fond of Jack and his friends. So much so that some would love to see a sequel. And if you do want that to happen, then it would certainly help if one person watching this spread the news to 10 other people. If word of mouth about the game spreads through the DLC’s completion, proving that this is a title that has really resonated with everyone, there may be a time when we can meet again.”

While it’s not a “yes”, it’s not a “no” regarding Stranger of Paradise’s future. Despite a rough launch highlighted by game-breaking hair and a lukewarm critical reception, the game has a fanbase that appreciates the more action-packed take on the Final Fantasy universe. The game has received some interesting DLC since launch, fleshing out the Team Ninja-developed game with new levels, stories, and challenges.

There won’t be a shortage of Final Fantasy games in the future either, as Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22 and will be followed by Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in Winter 2023.