Halo Infinite Forge mode is proving to help the game in more ways than anticipated. It was recently revealed that a fan-made Forge mode called Digletts (yes, like the pokemon) is extremely useful when it comes to helping the dev team.

According to Kotaku, John Junyszek, a 343 Industries community manager, recently published a tweet asking fans what their favorite Forge game was. Linz, a Halo competitive player, responded with Digletts, and it was there that Junyszek revealed that this mode has helped the team with shot registrations and when it comes ” to latency and networking.”

In Diglett’s mini-game, players are dropped into a hole in the ground that they can’t escape from and have nothing but a sniper rifle surrounded by other players. Whenever they decide to stand up and peek out from the hole, they leave nothing but their head exposed for other players to shoot them in the head.

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