Ubisoft’s long-in-development pirate game Skull & Bones has been delayed once again, but not because the team needs more time to finish the base game. A spokesperson for Ubisoft told Kotaku that the swashbuckling adventure game is finished–the remaining development time will be used to “polish and balance” the game and implement changes based on feedback from technical tests. Additionally, it’s been reported that Ubisoft has put together a special team at the company’s headquarters in France to help get the game out the door.

“While Skull & Bones is now complete, we are using the remaining time until our launch to leverage feedback from our ongoing technical tests and upcoming open beta to polish and balance the experience,” a spokesperson said.

Kotaku reported that Ubisoft has put together a “strike team” inside its Paris studio to “get the game over the finish line.” Ubisoft Singapore continues to be the lead studio on the project, a spokesperson confirmed, though, like many other Ubisoft games, a network of Ubisoft studios are co-developing the game alongside Ubisoft Singapore.

“Ubisoft Singapore remains the lead studio on Skull & Bones and the team is working full speed on the game experience and the development of its robust post launch content,” Ubisoft said.

The Skull & Bones website lists 10 developers working on the game.

Skull & Bones was announced at E3 2017 and has undergone big changes throughout the course of its development. The game was set for launch in March this year until Ubisoft delayed it to sometime during the company’s fiscal year 2024, which means it could launch as soon as April 1, 2023 or as late as March 31, 2024.

Skull & Bones will have a beta ahead of launch, but when it will begin has not been announced. Ubisoft announced the latest delay for Skull & Bones as part of a wider report that confirmed three games had been canceled.