Ubisoft has announced that a new video for its upcoming pirate game Skull and Bones will drop tomorrow. The upcoming video will focus on the game lore and show off exclusive gameplay.

In a Twitter post, the Skull and Bones team explained why the game has been delayed yet again by saying:

“Our determination and focus remain the same — Offer the best in-game experience possible to our players from day 1. This extra time will help us in providing further polish and balancing to our game experience, following your feedback from previous test.”

The post goes on to explain that even though the game still needs to be worked on, they plan on giving regular updates to fans about the game’s status. There will also be additional information about the new release date and upcoming test phases “very soon.”

It was previously reported that Ubisoft has assembled a “strike team” at the Ubisoft Paris studio to work alongside Ubisoft Singapore (the lead studio for Skull and Bones) to help ensure that the game is finished.

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