After confirming the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. Game and publisher Portkey Games has shared more details on the graphical modes that will be available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game when it launches on February 10.

Like many other games on the market currently, you’ll be able to choose between a performance mode that targets 60fps and a fidelity mode that aims for 30fps. Variable Refresh Rate-supported TVs or monitors will also have graphical modes available to take advantage of this technology.

For last-gen versions of the game, details haven’t been revealed just yet as Hogwarts Legacy will only be available on Xbox One and PS4 from April 4 and on Switch from July 25. While every game is different with its graphical design, mid-gen consoles such as PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are usually capable of running these games at 4K 30fps with few concessions, while the base PS4 and Xbox One consoles adopt a dynamic resolution setup that maxes out at 1080p.

This week also saw the reveal of several voice actors in Hogwarts Legacy, including Simon Pegg as Phineas Nigellus Black, the man regarded as the worst headmaster in the history of Hogwarts. While Hogwarts Legacy is still one of the more highly anticipated games of 2023, it has been overshadowed by recent transphobic comments made by Harry Potter creator JK Rowling.

Developer Avalanche Software’s game is set well before the events of the main books in the wizarding world, and for more details, you can check out everything that we know about Hogwarts Legacy.