New Delhi: The United States aviation system suffered a massive glitch on Wednesday, leading to cancellation of all flights across the country.

Reports suggest that more than 400 planes have been grounded due to technical glitch.

Speaking on the mega failure of aviation system, the Federal Aviation Administration today said that it is ‘experiencing an outage that is impacting the update of Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs)’ and ‘all flights are unable to be released at this time’.


The US FAA is a system that informs pilots about any hazards or any changes in the operations or airport facility.

The technical glitch, as stated by the aviation department, has brought the air traffic to a grinding halt. People across the country are reportedly struck at different locations due to sudden break in services.

Though, it is too early to say but reports are abuzz that this may have the result of some cyber attack on US aviation system. Since, the aviation system has failed, making it difficult to process information, experts are not ruling out possible cyber attack.