Some biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley have barriers blocking you from accessing certain areas within them. Clearing the way usually requires you to complete quests for certain characters–as is the case with the frustrating collection of mushroom batches standing between you and the other side of the Glade of Trust. We’ll tell you how to clear a way across the bridges below.

How to get rid of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are two types of mushroom batches found in the game–not including the tiny white mushrooms that can be picked and used in cooking recipes. There are the smaller batches that can be found scattered all over the valley, as well as the larger types, such as the ones blocking your way across the two bridges in the Glade of Trust. In order to clear these, you’ll need to upgrade your watering can twice–once for smaller mushroom batches and then again for larger ones.

Note: Small mushroom batches will continue to spawn indefinitely around the valley, while the larger batches are finite and will not return after being cleared.

How to get rid of small mushroom batches

To get started on your journey to clearing out the pesky fungi littering the Glade of Trust and beyond, you’ll need to level up your friendship with Merlin. Once you reach level 8, he’ll provide you with the quest “A Dark Experiment.”

“A Dark Experiment” tasks you with finding the following materials:

  • 20x mushrooms
  • 5x emeralds
  • 3x Purified Night Shards

You can forage for the little white mushrooms in the Glade of Trust, while the emeralds can be mined from the same area (or Forest of Valor). Lastly, you’ll have to find and dig up the sparkling spots across the valley to get Dream Shards and Night Shards to combine at a crafting station to create Purified Night Shards.

Use your upgraded watering can to remove unwanted mushroom batches.

Once you’ve found everything Merlin needs, he’ll upgrade your watering can so that you can clear the small mushroom batches. Clearing them will award you with additional cooking mushrooms, too–but hang on to any you obtain for now, as you’ll need more to complete the next step.

How to get rid of large mushroom batches

Though the first upgrade lets you clear the small mushroom batches, you’ll need Merlin to upgrade your watering can a second time to get rid of the larger batches. To do this, get his friendship to level 10 and accept the quest “The Final Trial.”

This quest will ask you to craft another 5 Purified Night Shards, so follow the instructions listed above to find the materials and craft those. Take the purified shards to Wall-E, who will crush them down into Purified Night Shard Powder. Take this to Merlin and accept the next part of the quest.

You’ll now need the following materials and items:

  • 25x mushrooms
  • 1x Falling Water
  • 1x Ice Heart

You can once again gather the white cooking mushrooms in the Glade of Trust, then while in the same biome, head over to where the river flows over the edge of the world to find a glowing spot that contains the Falling Water. Lastly, dig a hole somewhere and plant the Ice Tear Seed from your inventory in it, then water the seedling and watch it grow into a harvestable plant, which will grant you the Ice Heart.

Take all of these items back to Merlin, at which point he’ll finally upgrade your watering can a final time so that you can clear the large mushroom batches. With that out of the way, you can make your valley a mushroom-free zone.

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