It should surprise no one that Fortnite Champion Series is back for 2023, and its newly revealed roadmap sets the course for what competitive Fortnite will look like for the entire calendar year. The Champion Series will run from February to at least August, with the global championship coming late in the year.

The total prize package for the series is $10 million, and it will kick off on Thursday, February 2. It will follow a duos format, with four major events determining placement in the final championship. Perhaps the biggest news here is that the global championship will be decided in-person, following in the footsteps of last year’s event. It will be held in Copenhagen in “late 2023,” with no firm date yet set.

The format of the tournament will follow the usual Fortnite competitive structure, with players earning a spot in the majors by qualifying for the “Elite Division,” the highest level of divisional competition in the game. A number of slots are allocated to each geographic area of the globe, from the EU to Brazil.

Players will then earn points according to their placement in the five weeks of competition in each of the three majors. The last major, the “Last Chance Major,” will last only three days, as will the global championship. The ultimate finals will be decided in a six-match format, with the winners earning $4 million. The winners of the first three majors will earn $2 million.

As in previous years, players who watch the Champion Series will have the chance to earn cosmetic drops. This includes on Twitch, the official Fortnite YouTube channel, and even in-game at the Legends Landing by inputting a certain island code.