The latest system update for PS5 consoles is out, and not only does it add the usual extra layer of stability to the system, but also support for Sony’s high-tech DualSense Edge controller. Alongside the trademark the “this system software update improves system performance” message, the brief patch notes also reveal that “the DualSense Edge wireless controller is now supported” in PS5 update 22.02-06.50.00.

In case you missed it when it was first announced, the DualSense Edge is Sony’s new premium controller that combines a high-quality design with a surprising amount of customization. This level of personalization is easy to play around with, and you can swap out the analog stick modules, stick caps, and more so that you can set up the device to suit your specific gaming needs.

It is a pricy extra to have for your PS5, as the DualSense Edge will cost you $200 when it releases on January 26. At least it includes a fetching white hardshell carrying case for that price.

“The DualSense Edge feels like a nice option for PlayStation owners that might have been looking at Xbox’s offerings with pro-controller envy,” Jake Dekker wrote in GameSpot’s DualSense Edge preview. “For $200, you’ll get a controller that has a familiar form factor, improved ergonomics, some new feature options, and a good level of customizability.”

If you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, DualSense Edge preorders are still live right now.