Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been widely praised by fans as one of the battle royale’s best outings yet, and some of that can be attributed to its smorgasbord of fun new items. Among these exciting additions is the mobility-based Shockwave Hammer, which allows players to bounce across the map and slam down on unsuspecting targets. Epic temporarily disabled the hammer a few days ago after discovering an exploit, but it’s back in action as of Tuesday, Jan 10–alongside the unvaulted Burst Assault Rifle–so you’re free to proceed with all of your bouncy fun. As for the return of the Burst Assault Rifle, here’s what you need to know.

Where to get the Burst Assault Rifle and how it works

The Burst Assault Rifle is, as its name so obviously implies, a burst-fire rifle that provides high accuracy when spacing shots out. It uses medium ammo and comes in Common (122 DPS), Uncommon (126 DPS), Rare (134 DPS), Epic (142 DPS), and Legendary (146 DPS) rarities. As with most normal weapons, it can be found just about anywhere, including on the ground, in chests, and even from fishing.

While it’s a great option for medium-range engagements, the Burst Assault Rifle doesn’t typically work as well when dealing with enemies up close, nor in extremely long-range shootouts. If you can find the right range to make the most of its accuracy, though, its high headshot damage can be devastating to your opponents. Just be sure to carry something like an SMG or shotgun around with you for when you get pushed at close-range, as missing bursts from the rifle in close quarters will be very punishing and likely result in an unnecessary death.

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