It might be the middle of the week, but there’s still no slowing down this Wordle train. We’ve returned to offer more help to people in need when it comes to getting the Wordle correct. This time, we’re helping out with the answer on January 11. This is one of the easier answers of 2023. It’s a common word with no tricky spelling or letter placements. However, sometimes the easiest answers turn into the hardest due to how many possible words you can make out of the possible letters. If you haven’t started the Wordle just yet, then you can check out our list of recommended starting words. However, if you’re already past the starting point, then you’re likely looking for some hints.

Luckily, we provide just that further down in this article. We also spell out the full answer even further down, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read below the hints.

Today’s Wordle Answer – January 11, 2022

We’ll begin with two hints that directly relate to today’s Wordle answer, but don’t give it away immediately.

  • Hint 1: This word is mainly used to describe a specific kind of car body type. This specific body type traditionally has five seats, a trunk, and four side windows.
  • Hint 2: This word has two vowels, one near the start and one near the end of the word. There are no repeating letters in this word. The starting letter is “s.”

If those hints weren’t enough to get the ball rolling for you, then you can keep reading for the full answer to the January 11 Wordle. The full answer to today’s Wordle is… “sedan.” Certainly not a hard word by itself, but in the context of a Wordle answer, it could give some players trouble. Hopefully, every player was able to continue their Wordle streak today. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.